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L-R: Lewis Boyes, Damien Clarkson, Ian Wadley, Hannah Brooks, Jarrod Quarrell


"The members of St Helens can trace one degree of separation from Spider Vomit, Bird Blobs, Minimum Chips, Alpha Males and Kes, with occasional contributions from Love Of Diagrams and Panel Of Judges."
- Remote Control [label] blog

Ian Wadley played lead guitar initially, leaving to go to the US and Europe (play SxSW and ATP festivals, tour with Fancie and Function, as well as solo). Lewis Boyes took his place in time for St Helens' third gig, supporting Blonde Redhead). On returning to Melbourne (a year later) Ian took over, on bass, from Karl Scullen. Damien Clarkson (of Penguins etc.) took over (on drums) from Paul Williams soon after.

The first gig was reviewed in Plan B magazine. Here's a much more recent review on the Faster Louder site.

Lost Animal was Jarrod Quarrell's solo project, about when St Helens was falling apart, and has since become more of a band, involving Shags Chamberlain (who played with Lewis in Ariel Pink's band, when he first toured of Australia), and more recently, Luke Horton (Love Of Diagrams), and Joel Carey (Peak Twins).