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[photo: Jason Bright 1996]


Small World Experience is the vehicle for songs by Pat Ridgewell who has assembled an impressive and influential body of work as a singer/songwriter.

Most live versions of SWE included Ian Wadley on drums (in some he played bass, and at times, guitar). The current (on & off since '96) line-up, with Julian Patterson on bass, performed most recently in March 2008, at a festival curated by Eugene Carchesio (ex Holy Ghosts and now in The Deadnotes), Robert Forster and Ed Kuepper, in connection with the IMA's "Brisbane Sound" exhibition, curated by David Pestorius.

This line-up recorded the "Side Projects" LP (out on Chapter). Another is in the pipeline.

These three also co-engineered/co-produced all the early (ie. 4-track, pre-digital) Minimum Chips discography, since collected on the Portfolio CD.

Pat's membership of the final (ie. post-Chris Smith) line-up of the Golden Lifestyle Band is documented on (2 tracks of) the Wonder From A Quarter Acre compilation. GLB also included Stacca, who went on to drum in The New Season, Dion Nania, in Panel Of Judges ever since, and Matt Nicholson, whose last Function LP for (Chicago label) Locust counted Pat as a contributing memeber (as well as Ian).