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[screenprint: Ian Wadley may 1990]


The Holy Ghosts recordings you can hear on myspace were recorded 01.01.89, at their first regrouping as a 3-piece, after Pat Ridgewell left to concentrate on Small World Experience, staying on as Holy Ghosts' live mixer (starting a month later when they supported Sonic Youth). This version of Million Miles An Hour was recorded live-to-air on 4zzz-FM (a year or two later), subsequently included on the first Spill compilation.

The Holy Ghosts were around late80s/early90s. The music tended to be based on song ideas by Eugene Carchesio (better known as a visual artist, based in Brisbane) with maximal improv input from the others. Ian Wadley usually played bass, and Clare McKenna (ex-Xero and, briefly, a GoBetween) usually played the drums, but there was some swapping (eg. track 3: History, on the LP cassette "Wounded", recorded live at the Alliance Hotel, Spring Hill 18.11.89, which you can download here.

While the name had been suggested at previous jams, the first Holy Ghosts appearance was at a night of performance art in the John Mills Himself gallery (Spring '87), as a two-piece: Eugene reading from a script, Ian improvising on drumkit. These two went on to record on 4-track, after hours in the same gallery, incorporating guitar, bass & saxophone. With Ian's relocation to Melbourne later that year a series of Holy Ghosts gigs and recordings ensued, with Eugene on guitar & vocals, and Pat Ridgewell on guitar. The next line-up, with Ian on drums, toured Melbourne in May '88, supporting The Bats (pn their first trip to Australia, Fungus Brains and Venom P. Stinger. Also playing each gig were Cut (Eugene, Mark Dean & Sue Holman) and Gobble-Gobble - an instrumental group featuring the unorthodox (in tune & timing) bass-melodies of Mark Zervoudakis, Ian's & Eugene's guitar, with Greg Wadley playing a monophonic synthesizer and Jeanette Gilfedder (from Wondrous Fair) on viola. You can also hear Gobble-Gobble on the first Spill compilation.

A few months later, Ian returned to brisbane, Clare joined on drums, Ian moved to bass, and the 4-piece line-up recorded extensively on the 4-track. The subsequent 3-piece version of the group released a number of live & studio recordings on the tapes "Wounded" & "Horses On Fire", and were also included on a compilation or two.