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Function performing 23.8.07 at Club 007 Prague [photo: kryštofotí]


Function is the band, with quite an expansive and shifting line-up, of songwriter Matthew Liam Nicholson. Ian played bass & trumpet on the 2004 US/UK/Tokyo tour, and drums (mostly) on the 2007 European tour, which was blogged by felicity & clare; see below for the tour dates, and some of the back-projection footage by Pat & Pascal. Ian plays some (not all) of the bass and drums, some extra guitar and trumpet, and even some backing vocals, on three Function LPs - The Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds of Ordinary, Measured Light (on Melbourne's Love & Mercy) and The Secret Miracle Fountain, both on Locust) of Chicago, & its soon-to-be-released successor Galeria De La Luz

[flyer: Ian Wadley 1996]
Family tree time: this flyer (from the small world experience website) is for a gig (late 96) at which SWE played with the Golden Lifestyle Band - a group which included Matt, Dion (now in Panel Of Judges) and Pat Lucas, later replaced by Stacca (who went on to drum for The New Season) by the time Pat (SWE) joined, which led to Ian's involvement in Function..

here are the dates of the last function tour, august + sept 2007:
7 Glisno Wielke, Poland – Sklep Monica
9 Goteborg, Sweden – Way Out West Festival
10 Oslo, Norway – John Dee’s
11 Stockholm, Sweden - Tard Garden
15 Gdansk, Poland - Café Delfin
16 Warsaw, Poland - Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna ("The Philosopher's Hangout")
17 Posnan, Poland - Stary Browar
18 Krakow, Poland – Bar 21 (Club Re)
23 Prague, Czech – Club 007
25 Berlin, Germany - Schokoladen
31 Leipzig, Germany - Café Mule
1 Kassel, Germany - Teen Center
3 Strasbourg, France - Stimulatania Gallery
4 Milano, Italy - Fun House
6 Triste, Italy - Tetris
7 Metz, France – Caveav des Trinitaires
8 Paris, France – Mechanique Ondulatoire
9 Den Haag, Neverlands – Ground 2 Festival
12 Barcelos, Portugal - Zoom (Cultural Museum)
14 Aveiro, Portugal – Mercado Negro
15 Lisbon, Portugal - Cabaret Maxime
16 Barcelona, Spain -

shards - video by pascal babare

the dream, the lie (uptown theatre music II) - video by patrick liddell (aka ontologist)

piece for karl II - music + video by ontologist - included here because he's used some of my berlin footage