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Fancie is the band of Elisabeth Wood (+ friends), sometimes even elisabeth solo, based in Berlin, often on tour elsewhere.

excerpt of Where Is Fancie Bred 2007 US tour
shows (in April) with Ian Wadley on drums & guitar (depending on the song)
07.4.08 Penngrove, CA - The Black Cat, 10pm
08.4.08 Oakland, CA - Stork Club
09.4.08 Oakland, CA - Mama Buzz 6pm, with Feast (Marlon Kasberg)
11.4.08 Los Angeles, CA - EArly show (7pm) @ Safari Sam's
12.4.08 Phoenix, AZ - Trunkspace 8pm, with Uggamugga
13.4.08 Tucson, AZ - Dry River, 8pm
14.4.08 Las Cruces, NM - The Bean 9pm
15.4.08 Marfa, TX - Ray's, with friends of Rock & Roll
17.4.08 Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land w/ Poopy Lungstuffing & Darwin's Finches
18.4.08 Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon 10pm, with Fred Weaver