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Drunk Dial combines the solo projects of Ian Wadley and Justin K. Fuller - both improvising, responding, etc. What each do in Drunk Dial is often quieter and even more sparse than when either is performing solo. So far, since June 2009, about eight public appearances (all in Melbourne) and no rehearsals. A few shows have been recorded; one was filmed.

Justin K. Fuller is more than an accomplished and over-achieving guitarist (in Zond, Täx, and Divorced, lately). He has a unique approach to signal-processing that goes way beyond having a lot of great pedals - solo performances take various inputs (guitar/casio/voice/harmonica) and churn them into cascading layers of electronic tones and pulses across the frequency spectrum, from chest-heaving bass to ear-splitting screech. These YouTube clips are from an afternoon show in someone's back yard:
JKF (c.10mins in) @BreakfastOfChampions 16.10.10
JKF (c.20mins in) @BreakfastOfChampions 16.10.10

see also:
http://youtu.be/5hXbkIjRJd8 Zond "Choam" [video: Matthew Brown] - JKF on vocals, as well as guitar.
http://youtu.be/D-OPoilbGmQ Breaking the Law "You've Had It" (off 2004 LP Cool Legend) live NYE 07/08
youtu.be/M3qj_DcQeoc - Mum Smokes "At The Gate" [video: Mark Rodda]