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[photo: Joe Blanchard Blackest Rainbow]
Bird Blobs in Nottingham 2004

Some bright spark once created a Wikipaedia entry suggesting the Bird Blobs were a Captain Beefheart covers band, but has sadly this wit been replaced with other almost-truths.

This controversial group were on their way to an even (musically) weirder 5th album (if you count the 2nd, unreleased, and the 1st, which bore the same self-title as the last) when a bureaucratic error put various members of the band in various corners of the globe. Tim Evans + Jordan Redailli are now based in NYC, playing in Bogan Dust - with Tim now on drums and Jordan singing, and on guitar Michael Bray from Jemima Jemima (click to see live video of their last gig, in Berlin, Ian Wadley on bass, before they changed their name to Goon Womans Silver Pillow).

The official website hasn't been updated in quite some time
this article is from mess and noise sometime in 2005, post-ATP, pre-Berlin
(the print edition featured a more revealing snapshot of jordan, who was never, regardless of what this article says, in minimum chips
chris grier (of to live and shave in la etc) reviewed the bird blobs show/s with NIN (!) in his 2005 top ten on ecstaticpeace.com

wow: recent arrivals on youtube: live footage of the blobs, three songs: the soundtrack for "nothin' at all" is from the last album (set to footage from the album launch) whereas "billy" and "untitled" are live recordings, filmed at the Corner Htl

also on youtube.com, the bird blobs are in a montage of live footage from the nov'04 "nightmare before xmas" all tomorrows parties (also including peaches, minutemen, the fall, etc).